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Omakase means “I’ll leave it up to you.” At Mikaku, we take that responsibility seriously and our chefs individually source the ingredients to provide the freshest, most dynamic Omakase experience in Northern Virginia. We know many sites on the internet post fake pictures, these are 100% taken on site. Just ask to see the knife that belongs to Nobu-san in the picture below, he will gladly show you the engravings on his craft knives.

Tokyo's most authentic sushi at your comfort in Herndon

Our five course sushi omakase experience varies week to week. Our classically trained sushi chefs spend time preparing delicate pairings to ensure that the meal is a true culinary experience.

Our Sushi Process

sushi starts with fresh ingredients

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The most important factor is the freshness of the fish. The most adept chef could have the best cutting skills in the world, but if the fish is not as fresh as can be, it will be a moot point. We are believers that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few pictures of what you can expect to see on any day on our sushi bar. 


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Lean Tuna and Toro


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sushi is only as good as the way it is cut.

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For those who may already know this, we apologize for mentioning something you already know, but how the chef manages the fish is so critical. 

Our chefs have decades of experience with cutting the fish at the right angles to ensure the best of flavor comes out. Certain fish require a cut that preserves how lean and clean the resulting taste will be. Other fish require a deft cut that brings both lean and fatty portions of the fish, yielding a deep flavor experience. 

Against the grain, with the grain, what direction, how the skin integrates, are just a number of factors that our chefs take into account with the creation of every dish. 

Also, the quality of the tools is important. Just take a look at Aoki-san’s primary cutting knife, when you visit, ask to see the engravings on his tools, they are beautiful.

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what does the end result look like?

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Well, that’s the fun part. We don’t want to spoil the experience of surprise and discovery by showing you what the courses look like. As we mentioned, if you truly “Omakase” (leave it to us and trust us), you will be treated to a culinary experience that beats anything in Herndon Reston area, let alone the entire DMV area.

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