Mother's Day


Treat Mother to a Special Mother's Day Meal

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To show our mothers how much we appreciate them, we will be serving what is known as a Kaiseki Ryori. 

This meal consists of 10 small plates, each created with tremendous finesse and flavors befitting an important occasion like thanking the mothers in our lives for everything they do.

Preview the dishes that will be served here. Pricing is $38.99/person+ and we are limiting seating to 20 people, so please call us to make your reservation.


The Courses

Green Bean with Sesame Sauce

Salmon Sastuma-Age

Hiziki Umami

Sashimi Plate

Grilled Salmon with Two Misos


Tempura Plate

Roast Beef with Vegetables

Pickled Vegetables

Yokan Dessert

Remember, seating is limited so please call us or use the form below to make your reservation.

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