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The key to a quality udon is when you lift the bowl with two hands and take a big sip of the broth. It needs to have the very finessed characteristic of being hot in temperature but somehow refreshing. You know that taste when it is just right, and everyday we provide that sensation.

our recommendation

The Sansai Udon, garnished with wild vegetables that yield a fresh taste.


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There are two main components to making a quality ramen. At Mikaku, we focus on three main broths to ensure that everyday, the base is consistent with a rich texture. The second component is fresh noodles. Our noodles are prepared daily to give that fresh taste. 

our recommendation

The Miso Ramen, broth enriched with Miso to provide a rich and creamy taste.


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Our sushi chefs express their creativity through the various rolls we serve. Paired with a bowl of ramen or udon, rolls add texture to the meal. We create our rolls with an emphasis on the quality ingredients, not by overstuffing rice. Come see for yourself. 

Our recommendation

The Salmon Roll, tender slices of salmon sashimi rolled with sushi rice and our special sauce in a sheet of seaweed.

Off the Grill

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We offer several variations on the Japanese bento. Pair any of our off the grill traditional favorites with a presentation of tempura, rolls and salads, to enjoy a hearty meal with dynamic flavors. 

Something to emphasize

Chicken Teriyaki Bento, a classic, combined with the other ingredients, makes for a well-rounded and hearty meal.

Let's Eat

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