About Mikaku


The original owner family who opened and successfully ran Mikaku Restaurant was dedicated to providing an authentic Japanese flavor. In 2013, we committed to extend the long-standing tradition of the original owners but also endeavored to enrichen the Mikaku experience by introducing new flavors and attention to detail. 

Learn more about the new leadership that is committed to making Mikaku one of the most authentic providers of Japanese food in the Northern Virginia area.

Hae-Chan Park
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H.C. Park

Why would an internationally-acclaimed intellectual property attorney with several law firms to his name be at the helm of Mikaku? 

Well, the answer is simple. It is because of his honest, steadfast, and dedicated love for Japanese food.

His vision for Mikaku is simple: to share in the joy of enjoying Japanese food and to help inform others of the hidden beauties and intricacies that exist behind the surface of Japanese cuisine. 

All it takes is a few minutes with him to see that enthusiasm show itself. Next time you visit, be sure to seek him out, it will be time well spent.

What I Like on the Menu...

The sushi sampler, because of how it re-energizes the palette.

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AOKI, Kazuhide

Executive Chef AOKI-san has joined Mikaku on the heels of a decorated career as an internationally-recognized sushi chef. Having honed his craft in Tokyo at most notably the Imperial Hotel Tenichi Restaurant, Aoki-san brought that decade of experience in Tokyo to America, with a successful stint as Kincha Maui Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Wailea in Maui, before settling here in Washington DC. 

Aoki-san’s philosophy of meticulously choosing ingredients to craft balanced and natural flavors have earned him the trust of the World Bank/IMF and other institutions. A trusted entity in the DMV area for sushi, we are proud to have Aoki-san lead our team.

What I Like on the Menu...

The Sushi Omakase… of course.

AOKI Kazuhide
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Higashijima-san brings his warm smile and deft skill to the Mikaku team. Born in Kyushu and officially trained in Kyoto, he built up a strong body of work before coming to offer his services at Hisago in Washington, DC. 

Higashijima-san believes wonderful tasting food is a source of happiness.

What I Like on the Menu...

The Dragon Roll with a Nabeyaki Udon. Robust flavor in a roll with a refreshing Udon to refresh the body.

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SHIMODA, Takashi

Shimoda-san was born in Iwate, and honed his craft in Tokyo. A very familiar face in the Washington, DC sushi scene, he has been an integral part of the team for over 10 years. His philosophy is to provide a consistent flavor experience everyday.

What I Like on the Menu...

The Chef’s choice Lunch.

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will park
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Will Park

Part of what makes food such an immersive experience, and particularly true for Japanese cuisine, is how a beautiful plating becomes a work of art.

Classically trained in illustration by trade, Will draws inspiration from the world of art to help create dishes that visually stimulate the mind.

Soft-spoken but bold with ideas, Will helps balance the need to adhere to classical traditions while adding modern touches to everything Mikaku does.

What I Like on the Menu...

The Chirashi, not only dynamic in flavors but in visual representation.